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An Italian from Down Under

If I could choose to be something,
I would choose to be a pair of
Red Stiletto ~
Sexy, Elegant & Sensual.

Since I can’t be those shoes, I am a writer who loves red Stilettos and who loves to live in a world of my own where love conquers all.
I must admit it’s challenging to be me sometimes, but so much fun!!! 

 I feel lucky because I had the opportunity, and the luck, to combine the lifestyle of two wonderful countries and choose what worked for me.

Though I have an Italian accent and love my Italian heritage, in my heart I'm an Aussie Sheila with a true blue heart.

My curiosity about story telling was given to me by my maternal grandfather “nonno” who would always tell me tales of his time in Abyssinia.

I started writing as a 14 year old when I had to read a book for an Italian literature class. The novel was the well-know classic of the Italian 19th century, Alessandro Manzoni, “The Betrothed” (in Italian. “I Promessi Sposi”).
I felt the hero Renzo was a wimp and he wasn’t the right character to be the hero for the story. So I made the rugged and wicked villain Don Rodrigo the hero for Lucia.

My professor loved the way I brought the characters to life, and then she suspended me for daring to change a piece of literature.

I love writing, from Historical romances to chick lit, time travel or fantasy, depending on my mood. I also write poetry, non-fiction, children’s stories and short stories. Furthermore, I write plays and for a few years actively participated in the productions of the Italian theatre group of Melbourne "Il Bonsai".

I live in Melbourne with my two beautiful children, who at times act more like my parents than my kids, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
My other family is the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild, also known as MRWG, where I have been a member for 27 and more years. Over this time I have made wonderful friends who have shared my journey as a writer.