The Chosen One

In 78BC, under Roman law of a Dominus' right, no slaves or gladiators are allowed to start a romantic or sexual relationship unless they are given grace from their Dominus.


Astrid, a Norse slave, free-spirited and innocent about carnal sins, is bought by a Dominus to be trained as a gladiator, and to satisfy the sexual desires of the noble men of Rome.


Leza Bantu is the most loved gladiator in the arena, respected by the gambling men of high society Rome for his fighting skills, and by their cheating wives for his skills as a lover. He is biding his time, knowing that by winning every fight he has a good possibility to buy freedom from his Dominus.


When he isn’t fighting or pleasuring the ladies of Rome, Bantu’s place is in the Dominus bed keeping his wife satisfied. He has no interest in other women. He doesn't want complications in his already, difficult life.


That is, until the arrival of the tall, pale new gladiator.

He knows pursuing Astrid will be trouble for him. He is determined to stay away from her, but he cannot resist watching her.


Astrid has decided that before her Dominus returned from

Pompeii and her duty as a Roman sex slave began, she would give herself freely to a man of her own choice. She feels hatred for all Romans and she wants her first time to be with someone she desires.


From the first day she is brought into the camp, she sets her sights on the black-skinned gladiator. She knows he is well respected and his kind eyes make him her best choice. She is aware of the risk she is taking; she has been informed that he belonged to the Dominus’ wife. However, Astrid isn’t going to let that stop her.



Astrid and Leza’s story will be made into a longer version in time.

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The Puella in a Toga

Rome 78BC


Petronia Camillus has never left her father’s wall before to venture outside the city. Unfortunately for her, this first trip leads her straight into Brutus Tiberius’s house of obscenities.

Sold by her father to pay for his gambling debts, she doesn’t know what fate has in store for her.

Marcus Antonius wasn’t in need of a new Puella. Actually he was starting to get bored and the only thing he wanted was to go back into battle.

But when he saw her standing like a lost soul, he couldn’t help but take her back with him. For Marcus Antonius and Petronia, this was the start of a new life—a life with new emotions and sexual desires.

The Puella in a toga was originally published in the

Melbourne Romance Writers Guild 2017

Anthology Taste of Romance.

Short story will be on amazon soon for free

Petronia and Marcus story will be made into a 

longer version in time 

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Loving Summer

Marvellous Melbourne 1888

The forbidden love between Summer and Drake

will be out soon...ish